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About Us

 Kokoon Team

"A couple of years ago I was in bed trying to get to sleep after a busy day and I realized just how much of my life I wasted trying to get to sleep. I wanted a natural way to help myself to sleep better that fit in with my lifestyle and didn't involve drugs or ear-plugs."
- Kokoon Co-Founder, Tim Antos


Tim’s journey took him to the sleep clinic, where he discovered the answer in the form of audio specifically designed to help relaxation and rest. Kokoon was born to create a comfortable way to enjoy audio to relax and sleep wherever you are. After amassing a team of sleep professionals, academics, engineers, designers and developers, Tim and his team took to HAX, the most prolific hardware accelerator in the world.

From there, Kokoon landed on Kickstarter, breezing past their funding goal to raise nearly $2M. Kokoon headphones are in the final stages of production and the first shipment is almost sold out!

Jellop Early Adopters is a marketplace that helps innovative creators like Tim, who got their start on Kickstarter, introduce unique products to gadget lovers and enthusiastic early adopters.



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